What You'll Get:

  • Greg's full-length Wickedly Smart Water Harvesting Class to learn exactly how to harvest rainwater and greywater anywhere! Learn how to get your BEST return on investment, and the 5 essential components you need to get your system up and running.
  • 7 minutes to learn to install your drip tape system (Greg's go-to watering strategy at The Urban Farm) to get the right amount of water to ALL your fruits & veggies. Note: drip tape and rainwater systems can work together for the ultimate efficient, effective, sustainable watering system!
  • The list of essential parts & supplies you need AND where to get them to make it easy and straightforward to get started. This list will take all of the guesswork and confusion out of buying your supplies (which is what keeps most people from getting started).
  • A garden that's thriving with virtually no watering effort (because you'll have watering systems in place that practically do it for you).
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