Seed Up

Seed Up Saturday:
Online Seed Saving Education Event

In these uncertain times, Seed Up Saturday is 3 hours of seed education
to elevate your own gardening guru by learning to save seeds
Stay tuned for NEW classes to help you with your seed goals.
Presented by the Great American Seed Up and Urban Farm U.

DATE: Saturday, August 28th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm AZ/Pacific Time.

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Here's what to expect:

  • A series of short seed saving classes jam packed with seed saving education so that you get the most out of the 3 hours we have together.
  • Explore innovative ways to engage your community and increase access to local seed varieties.
  • Join a community focused on ensuring future crop security.
  • Our seed educators will answer seed questions during multiple live Q&A sessions.
  • Opportunities to stock up on bulk seeds!
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Class Topics:

  • NEW CLASSES PENDING...These are examples from our May Event:
  • Creating Your Own Varieties - by Kari Spencer.
  • Landrace Seeds - by Joseph Lofthouse
  • Urban Seed Saving - by Jillian Bishop
  • Issues of Seed Patenting - by Bill McDorman
  • Seed Saving and Veterans/Non-Profits - by Rich Murphy
  • Growing & Saving Wild Seeds - by Bill McDorman

May's Seed Up Saturday Hosts & Instructors:

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson (Your Host)
Founder, Urban Farm U

Bill McDorman

Bill McDorman
Instructor, Urban Farm U &
Co-founder, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance

Kari Spencer

Kari Spencer
Instructor, Urban Farm U &
Author, City Farming

Jillian Bishop outdoors smiling at camera
Rich Murphy

Jillian Bishop
Urban Tomato Seed Company

Rich Murphy
Executive Director Veterans to Farmers

Joseph Lofthouse
Author of Landrace Gardening