The Urban Farm U presents

Seed Saving Hacked:
Why Seeds Matter, Why Saving Them is Easy
& How to Save Your Own

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Presented By

Bill McDorman

Seed Saving Hacked comes with a downloadable workbook you can use to take notes and reference again and again as you start saving your own seeds!

We're Going to Show You...

  • How to save your own seeds to select for amazing taste, insect and disease resistance, or drought tolerance (even though we are conditioned to think we can't).

  • How to save seeds from tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans and lettuce. Learning to save these seeds is your first step towards creating a resilient garden tailored to YOUR unique needs.

  • The interesting events that led up to the patenting and ownership of 78% our seeds by only 3 companies, and what that means for you and our global food security.

  • Two simple things you can do to help take back control of our seeds and why this is important for your health and the health of our communities.

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