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See how to grow "tons of fruit" right in your own yard!

How would it feel to pick perfectly ripe fruit straight from your own fruit tree?

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Our new Fruit Tree Master Class walks you step-by-step through the secrets of growing healthy fruit trees that can produce hundreds of pounds of fruit every year.

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Basic Training for Backyard Orchards!

Perfect for your first fruit tree, or getting more fruit from your existing tree

This Master Course for fruit tree growers answers the top questions we get about growing fruit trees in hot climates, like:

  • What kind of tree should I get?
  • How do I plant it?
  • What’s wrong with my tree?
  • What are the easiest ways to avoid killing my fruit tree?
  • Why isn’t it producing enough fruit?

… and so much more!

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Secure your food supply & eat healthier with our fruit tree training!

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Root Camp

“[I'm] still going thru lesson. It has been a great help. I enjoy being able to go at my pace and review items when I need to better understand. It is tremendous help to have all in one area and listed by topics. It has already assisted in my decision for my next batch of trees and where to plant. Little by little but that is gardening. thx again"

– Dennis F

Rocky Point

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“We first want to start with thank you for inspiring us to grow food. As new parents of twins we had a small goal of growing some food for our babies, now we have lot. Recently my twins stepped into the garden without stepping on plants they reached their target pea plants and plucked a pea and ate… wife almost cried (she is the green gal). What people like you are doing is not just food for families but how we grow as families. Thank you sir for what you are doing and changing one house at a time.”

– Praphul & Vandana

Phoenix, AZ

Cultivate and harvest fruit on your property with this step-by-step training

This covers all the basics you need to grow an abundance of fruit, even if you’ve never had (or have struggled with) fruit trees before.

It covers the nuances of growing fruit in the low desert and other hot climates.

Register today and ‘get growing!’

Go at your own pace, come back when you need a refresher!

We have over 40 different lessons in NINE categories:

1) Fruit Tree Program Basics

2) Before You Buy a Fruit Tree

3) Bringing Home and Preparing to Plant

4) Planting New Trees

5) Fruit Tree Monthly Care

6) Seasonal Fruit Tree Maintenance and Care

7) Fruit Specific Videos and Tree Chats

8) Harvesting and Processing

9) Leveling Up Your Fruit Tree Skills

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Enlist in Fruit Tree Root Camp:
Basic Training for Backyard Orchards!

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