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How Harvesting Seeds from YOUR Garden will Transform Your Health and the Planet

Never Buy Seeds Again: Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance (Your 7-Week Seed School Online Resource)

Who is Seed Saving For?

  • Never Buy Seeds Again: Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance is for those that are disillusioned with multinational corporations controlling our food.  
  • Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance attendees care about their own health, and the health of the planet, and understand that taking control of what we eat is the most crucial step towards feeling healthy and transforming our planet.  
  • Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance is for home gardeners, from newbies to experts, who want to connect more deeply with the land. They are ready to learn to read their garden and hand-select the best crops for ultimate health benefits, flavor and resilience to take their garden and health to the next level.  
  • Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance is NOT for those that want to buy seeds from catalogs forever and don't care if their favorite varieties go extinct.  
  • "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance is NOT for those that want to stick to the status quo. Instead of buying the same seeds over and over (and facing the same challenges over and over), Seed School students are ready to try something new and different to transform their lives and the world.

Do I Really Need to Save Seeds?  

Why Now is More Important Than Ever...

Reinvent Our Food System... Hear personal stories of individuals who transformed their newly found seed knowledge into small seed companies, seed libraries and exchanges. Open yourself up to the many possibilities and opportunities out there, and feel inspired to take your new seed knowledge even further. After these 7 classes, your newfound seed wisdom and expertise will transform your backyard, your community and the world.  

Revitalize Your Health... Corporate seeds are bred for yield and the ability to withstand chemical fertilizers, at the cost of taste and nutrition. When you choose traditional varieties and save the seeds, you're getting more nutritious vegetables. Plus, since your veggies are uniquely adapted to your garden, you can more easily avoid pesticides and fertilizers.  

Watch Your Fruits & Veggies Thrive (Even When Your Neighbors' Don't)... Have you ever been frustrated by veggies that wither and die when the heat or cold becomes too much, or pests that just won't give your poor crops a break? Feel confident in naturally selecting for the plants that thrive best in your own backyard's unique conditions. Your fruits and veggies will be uniquely adapted to be more resilient to pests, disease, drought, and other climate challenges.  

Share the Bounty with Friends and Family... Discover how easy it is to save seeds and grow fruits and veggies that are vastly superior than anything you've ever grown or eaten before. Did you know that one lettuce head can produce 100,000 seeds? You will have so much abundance that your biggest challenge will be choosing who to share your many seeds with!  

Feel Inspired and Supported Every Step of the Way... The Seed School community is a place where you can truly belong. From interacting with peers in the Facebook group to attending live Q&A s&ssions with Bill, you will be supported in a big way.  

Home Saved Seeds are Free and Self-Reliant... Break free from the grip of multinational corporations that control the majority of the seeds we buy, and learn to create your own seeds independent of that system. Did you know that the prices of seeds are rising? Why buy a packet of 50 lettuce seeds for $3 or a single lettuce transplant for $5, when you can get 100,000 free seeds from a lettce head that's already in your garden? Home-saved seeds are cheaper AND enable you to be self reliant so that, if you so desire, you can never buy seeds again. That is a win-win.  


Seed Saving for Health, Vitality and Self-Reliance has the potential to transform your life for the better...  

Here's What Others Have to Say:


"This was timely."

 "I was feeling stagnant with the Taos Seed Exchange, and in my own gardening and seed saving. Seed School helped me expand my knowledge, gave me a wonderful collection of websites, books, and contacts, and sent me in directions I didn't know existed. This was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time."

Nan Fischer Founder, Taos Seed Exchange


"Life Changing."

"I loved it so much that I literally couldn't bring myself to listen to the last half hour until now (a month later) because I so badly didn't want it to be over!!!! Soooooo much great information and love that I can go back and reference again and again. LIFE CHANGING and so much more than I expected from [this] course! THANKS!"

Anonymous Seed School Student



"Wonderful presentation, jam-packed full of interesting and useful information. The session on genetics was all new to me. I loved every minute and was so sad when it ended. Somehow, I came away feeling like Bill and Greg are old friends, who I'm going to miss hearing from each week. Thanks again for putting this together!

Denise Stalder Ontario, Canada 

Got Questions?

How much time will this course take?

We have 7 online classes to offer, and each class is 1 to 1.5 hours. Plus, you'll get loads of extra content that you may work through as you like (worksheets, extra resources, bonus videos, etc.). Everything is pre-recorded and will always be there, so you may take your time and work through it at your own pace.

Do I need to have a certain level of seed saving knowledge already?

People from all spectrums of the seed saving world have offered their enthusiasm for this course. If you are a more advanced seed saver, then the basic material will be a refresher. It might even become more clear as you understand the basic concepts more deeply. If you are more of a beginner, the material will be eye opening and foundational as you gain confidence navigating through the seed saving process. More importantly, the way the material is presented builds upon itself in easily digestible bites. Technical, economic, social, spiritual and even political perspectives frame the story and the necessity for this undertaking.  

How much support will be available to me?

In addition to the weekly trainings, Bill offers live periodic Q&A sessions so you can get all your questons answered. In between these live chat sessions, you can reach out to your fellow seed saving community for advice and inspiration via the private member-only Facebook group. Plus, we'll send you emails to check in on how you're doing, which you can always reply to with any questions or concerns you have.

  Can't I just buy seeds from the store?

Did you know that a handful of companies own and control 72% of our seeds, and therefore our food supply? Local varieties of seeds are going extinct every year, disappearing from seed catalogs forever. When you buy seeds from the store, your selection is only a fraction of a percent of what's possible for you. Plus, by harvesting your own seeds, you will create unique varieties and bring your crops' nutrition, taste, and resilience to the next level. When you save seeds, you take control of your health and future and create a garden more abundant and bountiful than you ever imagined possible.

Reduce Your Dependence on Multinational Corporations and Never Buy Seeds Again!  

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