The Urban Farm,, and
The Micro Farm Project

The Great American
Seed Up in a Box

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Hosted by

Bill McDorman & Belle Starr
Executive Directors of Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance &

Kari Spencer
Author of City Farming, Founder, The Micro Farm Project

Farmer Greg
Founder, The Urban Farm and Urban Farm U

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  • We are not hosting the 2020 in-person Seed Up. As a solution we offer our commitment to provide adaptable, non-gmo, heirloom seeds to as many people across the nation as possible for growing and saving during this challenging time.

  • Access our collection with packages of enough seed for groups of 10 or more including access to our latest seed education videos.

  • We’ll provide you with all the materials you need (seed cards and baggies), access to signage, and lots of educational materials to share with your community.

  • Or just make your own amazing food resilience or gardening gift sets for 10 or more families and friends you care about!

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