Garden to Table

with Terra Rose Ganem

Date: Wednesday, June 30th at 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern


Garden to Table Class Features:

  • The secret sauce (mindset) behind making food that makes you glow & feel great, while tasting the best-ever 
  • Learn the 6 tastes, why they matter, and how to incorporate them in each meal to make satisfying & delicious
  • Finally nail down EXACTLY what to do with all those garden GOODIES & not let any go to waste
  • Discover the creamy-dreamy plant-based sauce & dressing "how-to's" to mix them with any meal
  • Learn recipes for appetizers, desserts, and main meals that delight the palate & energize your day
  • Get started with recipes for delicious meals (garden to table) in 10 minutes or less...
  • A Q&A session with Terra Rose

Make your own masterpieces as you learn to easily create delectable delights like plant powered desserts, sexy salads, amazing appetizers, and magnificent meals that please just about everyone. Simple, Fast, and Energizing - From the Garden to the Table!

Meet Your Host

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson

Founder, Urban Farm U

Greg Peterson has been digging his toes into the earth, listening to the plants, and experimenting with progressive permaculture techniques in his yard for over 40 years. His 1/3-acre home in Phoenix, AZ has been converted into an entirely edible landscape open to the community for tours and classes, and his fruit tree program has resulted in the planting of over 10,000 fruit trees. Greg's mission is to show others that they too can realize the power, joy and deliciousness of urban farming!