Join us for The Urban Farm's 24th Annual
Fruit Tree Program Launch Party!

Discover how to grow fruit trees in your yard, even in the low desert! Join us in this online Zoom event for useful tips and techniques.

Attend live for the opportunity to win one of over $1000 worth of door prizes!

Saturday, Sep 9th
Starting at 9am to 12pm
AZ time

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You’ll LOVE these simple steps to growing fruit all season long!

“I’ve learned so much from The Urban Farm about planting fruit trees, pruning fruit trees, building soil... Honestly, this is such a great resource!” - Mary Stoffel

See how to harvest fruit in your very own yard with our expert speakers!

Tom Spellman

Tom Spellman

Dave Wilson Nursery
"Backyard Orchard Culture"

Get fruit fresh from your garden for as long as possible! 

With this technique, you’ll be amazed at how many trees you can have in a small space.

People have used these tips to triple (even quadruple) the number of weeks they pick fruit fresh from their gardens!

Shota Austin

Tank's Green Stuff
"Building Better Soil
in Your Basins"

If you want your fruit trees to flourish, there’s 1 thing you need: healthy soil.

You’ll see how to use organic matter to create nutrient-rich soil your tree needs to thrive.

We cover soil microbiology, pests and mulch that contribute to tree growth and fruit production.

Sarah Snyder

"Your First Orchard"

See ‘behind the seeds’ of Sarah’s first orchard!

Whether you want to start growing fruit, or you want to grow it more successfully, this session is perfect for you.

You’ll come away with simple and effective tips that you can use in your own yard!

Janis Norton

The Urban Farm
"Passive Water Harvesting"

If you want your fruit trees to flourish, there’s 1 thing you need: healthy soil.

You’ll see how to use organic matter to create nutrient-rich soil your tree needs to thrive.

We cover soil microbiology, pests and mulch that contribute to tree growth and fruit production.

Susan Poisner

"Introduction to Grafting"

Award-winning author Susan Poisner reveals the #1 way to grow more kinds of fruit, even in a small space.

See how to use grafting to grow different fruits on the same tree!

You’ll come away with basic fruit tree grafting skills you can easily use in your own yard.

Ready to grow the most delicious fruit you’ve ever tasted?

How it works

Tune into our live 3-hour broadcast over Zoom and learn from our guest experts!

You’ll come away with smart and practical ideas you can use in your own yard to grow fruit trees.

We will help explain the best way to order, and we will have a live phone line during the event to help take orders.

Plus, we’ll be hosting a live Q&A so you’ll get direct feedback from us!

Meet Your Hosts

Our Fruit Tree Live Event is legendary in Phoenix.

Now we’ve taken it online so we can help more people grow fruit trees in the low desert!

Greg Peterson

Greg Peterson

Urban Farm Nursery & Urban Farm U

Farmer Greg has been digging his toes into the earth, listening to the plants, and experimenting with progressive permaculture techniques in his yard for over 40 years. His 1/3-acre home in Phoenix, AZ has been converted into an entirely edible landscape which he periodically opens to the community for tours and classes, and his Fruit Tree Program has resulted in the planting of over 10,000 fruit trees. Greg's passion is seeing others discover that they can grow food successfully, and his mission is to show that they too can realize the power, joy and deliciousness of urban farming!

Janis Norton

Janis Norton

General Manager,
Urban Farm Nursery

Janis is the glue that holds the Nursery together, and loves setting up the systems that help our Fruit Tree Program run successfully. However, as a scientist with a love of engineering, she was truly interested in the how's and why's of healthy soil, the ecology in the soil, and the mechanics of how successful plants get established in the soil. Between her studies, her work with Urban Farm, and taking Master Gardener courses - she was hooked. Now she wants to help others understand the beauty of how planting trees can work for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Fruit Tree Live Event? 

It is hosted on Saturday, September 9, from 9 AM to 12 PM AZ (Pacific) time.

How does it work?

Our 5 guest experts will be sharing their expert insights with us during this event.

You should join if you’re thinking about getting a fruit tree,
or if you want to make your existing tree(s) healthier and more fruitful!

What if I miss something or can't make all the presentations?

We’ve got you! You’ll be able to watch the replay once it has been uploaded.
But we recommend joining us live if possible, so you can enter the door prize giveaways.

Is it really free

Yes, it's 100% free! We want to help everyone successfully grow fruit in their yard

What if I have other questions?

Please email with additional questions.

Yes, you can grow fruit trees, even in hot and dry climates

Truth is, growing fruit trees in the low desert is different from other zones.

It’s quite easy - if you understand how to set up and maintain your trees.

And since conditions are getting hotter, fruit tree growing techniques are changing.

Even trees planted just 5 years ago might not survive if they were planted the same way today!

Join us to get the latest, most up-to-date advice so your fruit trees thrive!

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Join us and see how to:

➜ Up to triple your fruit yield

➜ Extend your fruit tree growing season

➜ Grow healthier, disease-resistant trees

➜ Keep your trees watered (even in hot climates)

➜ Grow more kinds of fruit in a small space

Get your ticket and successfully grow fruit in the low desert!

Airs Saturday, September 9 on Zoom

9 AM to 12 PM AZ/Pacific