The Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program

The Fruit Tree Open House
Saturday Morning
at The Urban Farm

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Saturday Morning
8:30-10 am

Requested donation $10

Guess what?!
Our 20th Annual Fuit Tree Program is in full swing! Come join us for a Fruit Tree Open House at the Urban Farm. 

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The Urban Farm
6750 N. 13th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85014

The Fruit Tree Open House Features:

  • Greg will lead an ongoing "open-house" style tour of the front and back yards focusing on fruit trees and will be on hand all morning to answer your tree questions.

  • Over 70 trees are growing on Greg’s 1/3 acre, including peaches, apricots, apples, citrus, papaya, loquats, pomegranates, and two kinds of mulberries.

  • Janis will be there to help with Fruit Tree Program orders.
    ---NOTE: Special Orders and Deciduous orders with Early Bird Pricing will be accepted through Saturday only.

  • This is a free event with an $10 requested donation.

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