The Urban Farm Presents

The 19th Annual Fruit Tree Program
Kick-off Event

Speakers, Give-aways & More

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9 am - 1:30 pm

Half-Day Event featuring
  Special Guest Speakers,
  & multiple drawings



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Event Location:
North Phoenix Baptist Church (Home of Uptown Farmers Market)

5757 N Central Avenue
Building B
Phoenix, 85014

2018-19 Fruit Tree Program Launch Event Features:

  • Several speakers this year to help you be confident in selecting the right trees for your space and in your tree care skills.

  • Farmer Greg on Rules for
    Successful Tree Growing

    Scott Murray on Extreme
    Tree Care

    Emily Rockey on Soil Building
    and Mulch

  • Plus learn about how the Urban Farm Fruit Tree Program works, and all the cool new things we have added this year.

  • AND... Special Drawings for:
     > Fruit Trees
     > Soil Amendments
     > Fruit Tree or Garden Phone

    and maybe a few other surprises

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